Drug Brands with Tocopherol

We found 6prescription drugs containing Tocopherol generic salt
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  • Cartiliv Tablet

    Cartiliv Tablet is used for: Osteoarthritis, Keshan disease, Muscle cramps, Osteomalacia, Increases testosterone levels, Scurvy, Scleroderma, Selenium deficiency, Premenstrual syndrome, Temporomandibula and contains: Tocopherol (12.5 mg), Selenium (70 mcg), Ascorbic acid (50 mg), Glucosamine sulphate (750 mg), Manganese (3 mg), Zinc (3 mg), Cholecalciferol (200 iu), Boron (0.5 mg), Methylsulfonyl methane (250 mg)

  • Evion Skin Cream

    Evion Skin Cream is used for: Central nervous system depression, Hyperosmolality, Hemolysis, Lactic acidosis, Vitamin E deficiency and contains: Tocopherol (1% w/w), Propylene glycol (5% w/w)

  • Hovite Ao Capsule

    Hovite Ao Capsule is used for: Osteoarthritis, Lung cancer, Stomach cancer, Stroke, Skin diseases, Rheumatoid arthritis, Side effects from cancer chemotherapy, Scurvy, Bird flu, Cancer of the prostate <br and contains: Tocopherol (10 mg), Elemental selenium (60 mcg), Vitamin a (2500 iu), Ascorbic acid (50 mg), Zinc (15 mg)

  • Monoderm Cream

    Monoderm Cream is used for: Acne, Scurvy, Psoriasis, Vitamin deficiency, Vitamin E deficiency, Wrinkles and contains: Tocopherol, Ascorbic Acid, Retinol

  • Multivitaplex Forte Capsule

    Multivitaplex Forte Capsule is used for: Diarrhea, Dietary deficiency, Cell damage, Blood clotting problems, Convulsions, Migraine headache, Mental problems, Neurological disorders, Neurological disturbances, Liver and contains: Tocopherol (15 iu), Vitamin b6 (1.5 mg), Calcium pantothenate (5 mg), Vitamin b1 (5 mg), Vitamin c (75 mg), Vitamin a (10000 iu), Vitamin k (0.1 mg), Niacinamide (50 mg), Vitamin b2 (5 mg), Folic acid (vitamin b9) (1 mg), Vitamin b12 (5 mcg), Vitamin d2 (400 iu)

  • Sofderm Skin Cream

    Sofderm Skin Cream is used for: Cold sores, Constipation, Psoriasis, Itchy rash on the skin or mouth, Vitamin E deficiency and contains: Tocopherol (0.5% w/w), Aloe extract (10% w/w)