Drug Brands with Oestradiol

We found 4prescription drugs containing Oestradiol generic salt
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  • Estogen Injection

    Estogen Injection is used for: Breast cancer, Oral contraceptive, Menopause symptoms, Prostate cancer, Hormone replace therapy in postmenopausal women, Hormone replace therapy in women with absent ovaries, Fragili and contains: Oestradiol (10 mg)

  • Estogen Tablet

    Estogen Tablet is used for: Estrogen hormone deficiency and contains: Oestradiol (1 mg)

  • Evalon Forte Tablet

    Evalon Forte Tablet is used for: Vulval or vaginal atrophy, Wound healing after vaginal surgery, Prostate Cancer, Symptoms associated with a lack of estrogen, Menopause and contains: Oestradiol (2 mg)

  • Menocare Injection

    Menocare Injection is used for: Osteoporosis, Male hormone deficiency, Malignant, Hormone secretion problems, Anemia, Estrogen hormone deficiency and contains: Oestradiol (1 mg), Phenyl propionate (4 mg), Testosterone propionate (20 mg), Testosterone phenylpropionate (40 mg), Testosterone isocaproate (40 mg)