Drug Brands with Liver extract

We found 3prescription drugs containing Liver extract generic salt
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  • Lederplex T Syrup

    and contains: Liver extract (0.305 gm), Vitamin b1 (2 mg), Niacinamide (20 mg), Vitamin b2 (2 mg), Vitamin b6 (5 mg), Choline dihydrogen citrate (30 mg), Inositol (10 mg), Vitamin b12 (1 mcg), Panthenol (2 mg)

  • Ripason Injection

    Ripason Injection is used for: Strength and physical endurance, Liver function, Liver diseases, Liver damage, Muscle development, Detoxification from the body, Chronic fatigue syndrome and contains: Liver extract (20 mg)

  • Ripason Tablet

    Ripason Tablet is used for: Chronic fatigue syndrome, Detoxification from the body, Strength and physical endurance, Muscle development, Liver damage, Liver function, Liver diseases and contains: Liver extract (220 mg)