Drug Brands with Green Tea Extract

We found 2prescription drugs containing Green Tea Extract generic salt
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  • Absolut Liquid

    Absolut Liquid is used for: Depression, Memory loss, Liver disease, Irritable bowel syndrome, Inflammatory bowel disease, Infectious diarrhea, Metabolic syndrome, Mental disorders, Retinitis pigmentosa <b and contains: Green Tea Extract, Mixed Carotenoids, Lutein, Citrus Bioflavonids, Choline, Probiotic

  • Greet Capsule

    Greet Capsule is used for: Obstructive jaundice, Mild depression, Metabolic syndrome, Memory loss, Malnutrition, Liver disease, Liver diseases, Long-term tube feeding, Leg pain due to blocked arteries <b and contains: Green tea extract (10 mg), Citrus bioflavonoid (20 mg), Biotin (100 mcg), Choline bitartrate (25 mg), Lutein (250 mcg), Beta carotene (0.8 mg), Vitamin a (2500 iu), Vitamin d3 (200 iu), Vitamin e (7.5 mg), Vitamin k (10 mg)