Drug Brands with Fibre

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  • Veelac Wheat Powder

    Veelac Wheat Powder is used for: Cell damage, Cancer, Brittle nails, Digestion and absorption, Digestive health, Diuretics, Diuretic, Diarrhea, Diabetes, Dehydration, Convulsions, Biotin deficiency in and contains: Fibre (1 gm), Moisture (3.5 gm), Pantothenic acid (1.5 mg), Vitamin d (200 iu), Vitamin c (30 mg), Vitamin a (1200 iu), Potassium (370 mg), Phosphorus (350 mg), Nicotinamide (5 mg), Vitamin b6 (200 mcg), Vitamin b2 (600 mcg), Vitamin b1 (500 mcg), Vitamin b12 (1 mcg), Calcium (530 mg), Folic acid (vitamin b9) (25 mcg), Protein (15 gm), Zinc (5 mg), Mineral (4 gm), Iron (10 mg), Carbohydrate (67.5 gm), Biotin (25 mcg), Sodium (200 mg), Fat (9 gm), Chloride (400 mg)