Drug Brands with Dibasic calcium phosphate

We found 3prescription drugs containing Dibasic calcium phosphate generic salt
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  • Fercel 300 Capsule

    Fercel 300 Capsule is used for: Poor diet, Poor absorption of food, Stomach and intestine problems, Permanent nerve damage, Skin infection, Anemia due to folic acid deficiency, Anemia, Certain muscle disease <br and contains: Dibasic calcium phosphate (300 mg), Cyanocobalamin (7.5 mcg), Pyridoxine hydrochloride ip (1.5 mg), Ferrous fumarate (300 mg), Zinc sulphate (66 mg), Folic acid (vitamin b9) (1.0 mg)

  • Rukad Tablet

    Rukad Tablet is used for: Hemorrhoids, Hematuria, Hypoparathyroidism, Scurvy, Secondary hemorrhage from wounds, Swelling and ulcer formation in the mouth, Red blood cell production, Retinal hemorrhage, and contains: Dibasic calcium phosphate (150 mg), Vitamin k3 (20 mg), Rutin (100 mg), Adrenochrome monosemicarbazone (1 mg), Vitamin c (50 mg)

  • Sayocal Tablet

    Sayocal Tablet is used for: Osteoporosis, Osteomalacia/rickets, Normal functioning of nerves, Normal functioning of heart, Normal functioning of muscles, Low amounts of magnesium in the blood, Low blood calcium and contains: Dibasic calcium phosphate (200 mg), Zinc (4 mg), Calcium carbonate (1107 mg), Magnesium (90 mg), Vitamin d3 (200 iu)