Drug Brands with Calcium Phosphate

We found 4prescription drugs containing Calcium Phosphate generic salt
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  • Caldic Suspension

    Caldic Suspension is used for: Low blood calcium levels, Osteoporosis, Vitamin D deficiency and contains: Calcium Phosphate (200 Mg), Vitamin D3 (200 Iu)

  • Fex Z Capsule

    Fex Z Capsule is used for: Anemia, Anemia due to folic acid deficiency, Poor absorption of food, Pregnancy complications, Poor diet, Pernicious anemia, Homocystinuria, Convulsions, During pregnancy, F and contains: Calcium phosphate (300 mg), Vitamin b6 (1.5 mg), Vitamin b12 (7.5 mcg), Folic acid (vitamin b9) (1 mg), Ferrous fumarate (300 mg)

  • Iosol Eye Drops

    Iosol Eye Drops is used for: Heartburn, Stomach acid, Low blood calcium levels, Indigestion, Osteoporosis, Upset stomach and contains: Calcium phosphate (0.5%), Sodium (1%)

  • Riconia Tablet

    Riconia Tablet is used for: Eye problems, Eye disorders, Folate deficiency, Hair and nail quality, Hair loss, Heart attack, Hartnup's disease, Heart disease, Hyperhomocysteinemia, Hypolipoproteinemic < and contains: Calcium phosphate (162 mg), Choline (36.3 mg), Chromic chloride (25 mcg), Silicon (2 mg), Ferrous fumarate (10 mg), Cupric oxide (2 mg), Folic acid (vitamin b9) (0.15 mg), Manganese sulphate (2.5 mg), Nickel (5 mcg), Phosphorus (125 mg), Magnesium oxide (100 mg), Potassium chloride (40 mg), Potassium iodide (0.15 mcg), Sodium borate (150 mcg), Sodium metavanadate (10 mcg), Sodium molybdate (25 mcg), Sodium selenate (30 mcg), Stannous chloride (10 mcg), Vitamin b1 (1 mg), Vitamin a (2500 iu), Vitamin b12 (1 mcg), Vitamin b2 (1.5 mg), Vitamin b3 (20 mg), Vitamin b5 (5 mg), Vitamin b6 (1 mg), Vitamin c (50 mg), Vitamin d (200 iu), Vitamin e (7.5 iu), Zinc (15 mg)