Drug Brands with Calcium Lactobionate

We found 2prescription drugs containing Calcium Lactobionate generic salt
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  • Macalvit Plus Syrup

    Macalvit Plus Syrup is used for: Low blood calcium levels, Vitamin B12 deficiency, Vitamin D deficiency, Bone diseases, Pernicious anemia and contains: Calcium Lactobionate (260 Mg), Calcium Gluconogalacto Gluconate (1.18 Gm), Vitamin D3 (100 Iu), Vitamin B12 (1.5 Mcg)

  • Mingadine Syrup

    Mingadine Syrup is used for: Anemia, Heart disorders, Hyperthyroidism, For eye and ear wash, Fungal skin infection, Iron deficiencies, Leg ulcers, Magnesium deficiency, Manganese plasma levels, Muscles and contains: Calcium lactobionate (700 mg), Elemental iron (3 mg), Zinc sulphate (22.5 mg), Magnesium chloride (42.5 mg), Manganese sulphate (6 mg), Iodine (50 mcg)