Drug Brands with Acetic acid

We found 3prescription drugs containing Acetic acid generic salt
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  • Ephytol Mouth+Throat Gum Paint

    Ephytol Mouth+Throat Gum Paint is used for: Lactic acidosis, Outer ear infection, Acne, Calluses and corns, Central nervous system depression, Blemishes, Antiseptic, Antibacterial, Skin diseases, Skin redness, Phar and contains: Acetic acid (6.2% v/v), Phenyl mercuric nitrate (0.05% w/v), Salicylic acid (6.2% w/v), Propylene glycol (6.2% v/v), Carbolic acid (6.2% w/v)

  • Otopar Drops

    Otopar Drops is used for: Epidural, spinal, surface, percutaneous infiltration anesthesia, Blood disorders, Bacterial infections of the outer ear, Cancer, Vaginal infections, Widening the eye pupil d and contains: Acetic acid (2%), Lignocaine (2%), Fluconazole (0.1%), Chloramphenicol (5%), Prednisolone (0.5%)

  • Ringsol Skin Lotion

    Ringsol Skin Lotion is used for: Pediculosis pubis, Pharyngitis, Scabies, Skin diseases, Skin redness, Outer ear infection, Acne, Ectoparasite infections, Dandruff, Blemishes, Capitis, Calluses and co and contains: Acetic acid (2%), Benzyl benzoate (2.5%), Carbolic acid (2%), Salicylic acid (5%)