Drug Brands with Absolute Alcohol

We found 2prescription drugs containing Absolute Alcohol generic salt
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  • Neo Cordial Syrup

    Neo Cordial Syrup is used for: Heartburn, Headache, Fungi, Indigestion, Inability to sleep, Intestinal and stomach spasms, Mild Tremors, Menstrual disorders, Lowers clot development in your blood vessels <br and contains: Absolute Alcohol (10% V/V), Liquorice (162 Mg), Di Alpha Tocopherol Acetate (8.38 Mg), Valerian (93.8 Mg), Hyoscyamus (75 Mg)

  • X Dil Lotion

    X Dil Lotion is used for: Severe hypertension, Bacteria, Hereditary hair loss problems, Fungi and contains: Absolute alcohol (40% v/v), Minoxidil (50 mg)