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Nacmol C Tablet

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Nacmol C Tablet drug information describes its compostion, interactions, working methods, uses, side effects, precautions to be taken before taking..etc

Uses of Nacmol C Tablet

Why and for what indications and diseases Nacmol C Tablet drug is prescribed?

  1. Bone and joint surgery
  2. Cold
  3. Dental and minor surgery
  4. Ankylosing spondylitis
  5. Acute gout
  6. Back pain
  7. sprains and strains
  8. Back pain
  9. Arthritis
  10. Tendonitis
  11. Rheumatoid

Nacmol C Tablet medicine Side Effects

What are the side effects (mostly) caused by Nacmol C Tablet drug?

  1. Yellowing of the skin or eyes
  2. Wheezing
  3. Gas
  4. Drowsiness
  5. Fast heartbeat
  6. Black or bloody stools
  7. Allergic reactions
  8. Nausea
  9. Loss of appetite
  10. Tightness in the chest
  11. Stuffy nose
  12. Upper stomach pain
  13. Restlessnes

Composition Salts in Nacmol C Tablet

List of generics and active salts used in Nacmol C Tablet drug?

  1. Diclofenac (50 mg)
  2. Paracetamol (325 mg)
  3. Chlorzoxazone (250 mg)

Working methodology of Nacmol C Tablet

How the drug Nacmol C Tablet works (pharmacology) for patients?

  1. Blocking the production of a chemical causing pain
  2. fever
  3. and inflammation.
  4. Increasing the pain threshold and increases the blood flow across the skin
  5. heat loss and sweating.
  6. Blocking pain sensations that are sent to the brain.

Interactions of Nacmol C Tablet with other medicines

What are the other drugs and chemicals interact with Nacmol C Tablet drug?

  1. Aliskiren
  2. Alprazolam
  3. Atorvastatin
  4. Captopril
  5. Cetirizine
  6. Codeine
  7. Diazepam
  8. Diphenhydramine
  9. Epinephrine
  10. Esomeprazole
  11. Ethanol
  12. Leflunomide
  13. Lidocaine
  14. Lomitapide
  15. Losartan
  16. Mipomersen
  17. Muscle Relaxants
  18. Nitrendipine
  19. Prilocaine
  20. Teriflunomide
  21. Topiramate
  22. Zolpidem

Precautions to be taken for Nacmol C Tablet

What are all the precautions to be taken before administering Nacmol C Tablet?

  1. Avoid alcohol abuse
  2. Discontinue the drug in case of symptoms of liver dysfunction
  3. Do not drive or operate machinery
  4. Patients with known allergies
  5. Planning to become pregnant or breastfeeding

Contra Indications of Nacmol C Tablet

When and on what circumstances Nacmol C Tablet has to be avoided?

  1. Acute liver failure Asthma Children under the age of 14 years Hypersensitivity Liver problems Overdose of acetaminophen Poor nutrition Pregnant Serious kidney problems Shock Urticaria

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