List of drugs- Drug information, Side effects and Usages- Page 2

List of drugs- Drug information, Side effects and Usages

A Keftal Injection
A Klave Injection
A Lith SR Tablet
A Lith Tablet
A Lol Tablet
A M Dopa Tablet
A Mol Tablet
A Mox Capsule
A Mox Dry Syrup
A Niclo P Tablet
A Niclo SP Tablet
A Niclo Tablet
A Nil Tablet
A OD Tablet
A One Capsule
A Pan Tablet
A Pandom Injection
A Pandom SR Tablet
A Pine Tablet
A Plus Capsule
A Plus Tablet
A Pred Tablet
A Pro Powder
A Quin Tablet
A Rest Tablet
A Ret Gel
A Ret HC Cream
A Ret HC Skin Solution
A Ret Hc Solution
A Ret Solution
A Ret Tz Gel
A Ret TZ Skin Gel
A Rex Drops
A Rex Injection
A Rex Tablet
A S V S Injection
A T Tablet
A Teem Tablet
A To Z Capsule
A To Z Drops
A To Z Gold Capsule
A To Z Gold Ns Capsule
A To Z Ns Drops
A To Z Ns Syrup
A To Z Ns Tablet
A To Z ORS Lemon Sachet
A To Z ORS Orange Sachet
A To Z Ors Sachet
A To Z Powder
A To Z Syrup
A To Z Tablet
A Trax Injection
A Tron Injection
A Tron MD Tablet
A Vin AS Tablet
A Vin Tablet
A Xanthin Tablet
A Zesic Suspension
A Zesic Tablet
A Zol Tablet
A Zole Tablet
A.M.P.M. Mouth Wash
A.M.P.M. Plus Mouth Wash
A2 Tablet
A2 Z Powder
A2AT Tablet
A2B A Tablet
A2B H Tablet
A2B Tablet
A2F Tablet
A2L Capsule
A2P Tablet
A2Z Powder
A4U Soft Gel Capsule
Aa Ha Syrup
Aa Ha Tablet
Aablaquin Kit
Aace Fa P Tablet
Aace Fa Tablet
Aacedase P Tablet
Aacef Injection
Aacef S Injection
Aacef T Injection
Aacept SR Tablet
Aactaril Soap
Aady DT Tablet
Aady Tablet
Aagnil Suspension
Aal Tablet
Aalcetamol Infusion
Aalervin Plus Suspension
Aamin A Tablet
Aamin L Tablet
Aamin Tablet
Aanclox Capsule
Aanclox Kid Tablet
Aanflam F Tablet
Aanflam Tablet
Aanid Ointment
Aanid Skin Lotion
Aansoo Eye Drops
Aaptol CZ Tablet
Aaram Tablet
Aarbact Injection
Aarclo As Tablet
Aarmox Dt Tablet
Aarnet Injection
Aarnet Plus Injection
Aarnet Plus Tablet
Aarnet Tablet
Aaro Syrup
Aarpik Tablet
Aarth Oil
Aarther P Tablet
Aarther Sp Tablet
Aarticef Injection
Aarzyme Tablet
Aasu Drops
Aasu Eye Drops
Aaxim Tablet
AB 12 Fol Tablet
AB 12 Plus Tablet
AB At Injection
AB Calpa Tablet
AB Can Tablet
AB Cef CV Tablet
AB Cef Dry Syrup
AB Cef Syrup
AB Cef Tablet
AB Cin Tablet
AB Cort Tablet
AB CV DS Syrup
AB CV Forte Dry Syrup
AB CV Forte DS Syrup
AB CV Kid Dry Syrup
AB CV Tablet
AB Doxin DT Tablet
AB Doxin Syrup
AB Doxin Tablet
AB Fax Syrup
AB Fax Tablet
AB Flo Capsule
AB Flo Sr Tablet
AB Hex Mouth+Throat Mouth Wash/Gargle
AB Phylline Capsule
AB Phylline Sr Tablet
AB Phylline Syrup
AB Red Capsule
AB Red Suspension
AB Safe Injection
AB Ther Injection
AB Vas F Tablet
AB Vas Tablet
AB Vitamin Syrup
AB Xone Injection
AB Zyme Syrup
Aba AT Injection
Aba AT Tablet
Aba Injection
Aba Tablet
Abacavex Tablet
Abact Infusion
Abact Tablet
Abactum Tablet
Abacus Tablet
Abalgin Tablet
Abamax Tablet
Abamune L Tablet
Abamune Tablet
Abanate Injection
Abate CZ Tablet
Abate SR Tablet
Abate Tablet
Abavir Tablet
Abc 9 Injection
Abc Drops
Abc Syrup
Abc Tablet
Abcavir Tablet
Abcd Z Drops
Abce Tablet
Abcef AZ Kid Tablet
Abcef Az Tablet
Abcef O Dry Syrup
Abcef O Tablet
Abcet Tablet
Abcid Capsule
Abcid D Capsule
Abcin Injection
Abcixirel Injection
Abclox Capsule
Abclox CV Dry Syrup
Abclox CV Syrup
Abclox CV Tablet
Abcloxx Capsule
Abcool D Capsule
Abd Plus Syrup
Abd Plus Tablet
Abd Suspension
Abd Tablet