List of drugs- Drug information, Side effects and Usages- Page 1

List of drugs- Drug information, Side effects and Usages

1 Al AX Capsule
1 Al Max Tablet
1 Al Plus Capsule
1 Al Syrup
1 Al Tablet
1 Al Total Suspension
1 Al Total Tablet
1 Valowin 200 Tablet
10 D Infusion
10 PM Tablet
10% Dextrose Infusion
10% Dextrose With Nacl Solution Infusion
11 PM Tablet
11 PMXT Tablet
12 Rene Capsule
123 Tablet
1M Cream
1M Hygiene Soap
1M Liquid
1M Moisturising Wash Cream
1St Aid Liquid
1St Aid Plast
1St Aid Tape Bandage
1St CAL Z Syrup
2 B12 Capsule
2 Baconil Tts10 Patch
2 Baconil Tts20 Patch
2 Baconil Tts30 Patch
2 Calm Tablet
2 Clav Tablet
2 Clox Capsule
2 D Suspension
2 D Tablet
2 Dep Tablet
2 Flora Capsule
2 Pam 1 Injection
2 Pen D Syrup
2 Pen Dry Syrup
2 Pen Injection
2 Pen LB Capsule
2 Pen LB DT Tablet
2 Pen LB Syrup
2 Pen LB Tablet
2 Pin Tablet
20 Famoflam Tablet
20% Dextrose Infusion
24 By 7 Syrup
24 By 7 T Syrup
25 D Infusion
25% Dextrose Infusion
2B12 Capsule
2Ccure Tablet
2CV Tablet
2H Tablet
2Og Needle
2Some Suspension
2Some Tablet
3 Cal Tablet
3 Cdm Syrup
3 Cef FC Tablet
3 Cef Novo Injection
3 Cef Tablet
3 Cereal Powder
3 D Biotic Ear Drops
3 D Gel
3 Efa Capsule
3 Fd Tablet
3 Kat Tablet
3 Metic Tablet
3 Mix Cream
3 Nite Capsule
3 Phase Tablet
3 Pin Tablet
3 Tone Tc Syrup
3 Up Syrup
3 Up Tablet
3 Vax Injection
3 Vitamin Plus Injection
32 Care Mouth+Throat Mouth Wash/Gargle
36 Hours Tablet
37 C Syrup
37 C Tablet
3A Cef DT Tablet
3A Ceo Tablet
3A Dt Tablet
3A Fer Capsule
3A Gat Tablet
3A Pan D Tablet
3A Pan Injection
3A Pan Tablet
3A Sul Injection
3A Tablet
3A Taz Injection
3A Xim DT Tablet
3A Zone Injection
3D Flam Injection
3D Gel
3D Injection
3D Oha LS Tablet
3D Oha Tablet
3D Plus Tablet
3D Skin Cream
3D Soft Gel
3Fd Tablet
3G Guard Tablet
3G Mouthwash Mouth Wash/Gargle
4 Blud Syrup
4 Blud Tablet
4 Bones Tablet
4 Epeedo Injection
4 Get Syrup
4 On MD Tablet
4 Quin Brom Drops
4 Quin Brom Eye Drops
4 Quin Capsule
4 Quin Dx Eye Drops
4 Quin Dx S Drops
4 Quin Eye Drops
4 Quin Eye Ointment
4 Quin Kt Eye Drops
4 Quin Kt S Drops
4 Quin Lot S Drops
4 Quin PD S Drops
4 Quin Prefilled Syringe
4 Quin S Drops
4 Quin Tablet
4 Steps Gel
4D Kit
4D Plus Kit
4D Plus Tablet
4Uq Capsule
4Uq10 Forte Capsule
4Uq10 Plus Capsule
4Uq10 Tablet
5 D Infusion
5 Flucel Injection
5 Fu Korea Injection
5 Htpn Capsule
5 Mono Sr Tablet
5 Mono Tablet
5 Ner Tablet
5 Riz Tablet
5% Dextrose Infusion
5% Dextrose With Normal Aline Infusion
50 Fit Capsule
50% Dextrose Infusion
5A Tablet
5D Infusion
5Fu Cbc Injection
5Hplus Capsule
5Ht3A Injection
5Ht3A MD Injection
5Ht3A MD Syrup
5Ht3A MD Tablet
5Ht3A Syrup
6 MP Tablet
6 Tg Tablet
7 LA Suspension
72 Hours Tablet
8X Shampoo
9 PM Eye Drops
9 PM S Drops
90E Tablet
9Q Tablet
A 1 Tablet
A 125 Suspension
A 1A Capsule
A 2 Tablet
A 24 Tablet
A 250 Suspension
A 2Z Capsule
A 3 Tablet
A B Z Tablet
A Bec L Tablet
A Bec Tablet
A C Ford Kid Tablet
A C Ford Tablet
A Card Am Tablet
A Card Tablet
A Cef Injection
A Cef O Syrup
A Cef O Tablet
A Cet Syrup
A Cet Tablet
A Chek Tablet
A Clas Syrup
A Clo P Tablet
A Clo Sp Tablet
A Clo Sr Tablet
A Cold Suspension
A Cold Tablet
A Cort Tablet
A Flox DT Tablet
A Flox Oz Suspension
A Flox Oz Tablet
A Flox Tablet
A Flox TZ Tablet
A Fresh Mouth+Throat Mouth Wash/Gargle
A H Plus Tablet
A Kare Kit